Welcome to my geeky hobby of live weather/outdoor webcams.  I have had some sort of a webcam since 1996 when I lived in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC and pointed a big clunky analog VHS camcorder out of my window to capture the beautiful western sky. Now, I use a 4MP CCTV-quality camera capable of 1080p high definition video, but set at 480. The camera is located at my home in southwestern-most corner of Tunbridge, Vermont.

I have always provided a still image of the FarmCam, not just because of the bandwidths from which we used to suffer, but because of my love of photography as well. The image you see is the most recent one uploaded Images are uploaded every thirty (30) seconds.

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View yesterday, 22 March 2017, in under 2 minutes!  This video is lovingly handcrafted, and painstakingly uploaded at midnight each night by … a few Automator processes.

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