As it says in the domain, I am Rick Scully, and you have stumbled upon, or found, my website. I have been online since 1993, had a website since 1996, and a webcam of some sort running since that same year.

That’s me in the banner and in the slideshow at right. Handsome, ain’t I? Shaddup. Anyway, this website is my web playground. A place for me to share my photography, words, thoughts, ideas, and whatever piques my interest. If there is something here that piques yours, please drop me a line.

My Playground

Like I said, It’s my playground.  If I want to try out a new layout, I do so.  Often live and not on a staging site. It’s how I roll. Well, at least with my personal shit. This is where I play with my webcam, my code, my geeky and practical ideas. In a nutshell, expect different ways to display my photo graphs, and express myself via the blog, which I have neglected for too long, just like most blogs originating in the last century, like mine.


Tunbridge, Vermont

My wife Sarah and I feel lucky to live in beautiful Tunbridge, Vermont, where we have owned a home since 2006. Our home is on the side of a small mountain, which the locals still call a hill. We did not build the house, but we have been doing significant improvements such as building a barn, a garage and MiL suite, adding solar panels, etc. We really love our home.

who the heck knows!

I have no damn idea why I do this.  I just registered my vanity domain and now I use it to play and display the image from my awesome webcam. I get restless when it comes to creative outlets and sometimes this website is all I have.