It’s been a while since I last updated  the story of the webcam that always seems to be in need of attention, and that is because things have remained stable.  And I don’t know why, so I am afraid to mention it.

I am not a superstitious person.

Or am I?

To some extent, if I ‘m honest, I am a bit superstitious. I like routines, and some of those routines borderline on OCD. Nothing that paralyzes me or makes me literally twitch. Just … preferences.

Here’s a confession as example.

When a light source is on a 3-way switch, I have a preference for the switch I use most often always be in the down position when the light is OFF. Actually, I prefer all switches be wired so that the down position is the OFF position. However, 3-way switches are often necessary, so I have to adjust.

There are three 3-way switches in our house.

One is in the basement, and and we don’t use the second light switch by the bulkhead door often, meaning this 3-way is (thankfully) rarely an issue for me because the switch at the top of the stairs satisfies my preference.

light switch with decoupage of colonial painting of a cow.
Our kitchen light switch is kinda cool. YES, I do know the photo is slightly crooked. Sorry.

One is in the hallway and has a switch in the kitchen and near the guest bedroom at the back of the house. It makes sense to have these as the one near the bedroom allows the occupant to safely negotiate the dark back hallway. The one in the kitchen makes it safer to get to the basement or guest bedroom.

BUT, the switch in the kitchen shares the switch panel with the light for the back hallway [see image. Hallway switch on right]. When the kitchen light switch is in the OFF position (down), the back hallway can be ON and the switch on the shared panel will be down. I don’t like it, but I can ignore this and move on without flipping two switches to satisfy my preference. I still do occasionally, but I don’t have to do it.

The third 3-way switch occupies the stairway between the two main living floors with the light fixture at the top of the stairs. My preference is for the downstairs switch to be in the OFF position (down). I think it is because the downstairs light switch then corresponds with the other switches in the kitchen, which are visible simultaneously. *shrug*

For a while the stairs were a point of contention in our home. Sarah, rightfully, was concerned for my safety when I would walk the stairs in the dark rather than flip the switch to the wrong position. She knows of my preference. However, her preference is that I not fall and break something. She took great care for me when I broke my foot, and would prefer we not have to go through that again. While the stairway switches made me twitch metaphorically, I really love her and her concern for my well being. So, twitch I did.

Changing Bulbs

Then we acquired our first smart bulbs, and preferences began to change.

We put one in a living room lamp on the outlet which had been associated with the wall switch, and we moved the lamp to the lower outlet which is not wired to the switch. With no need for the wall switch to control the smart bulb, the wall switch became irrelevant as long as nothing was plugged into either of the wall outlets connected to that switch.

Even though nothing was connected to this switch at that point, my preference was the wall switch to be ON (up) deciding it was more likely that someone (read: me) would attempt to flip the switch UP to try turning on lights. This feeling passed as I adjusted to having smart bulbs and voice control with the HomePod.

For the second smart bulb in the kit we decided to use the foyer light as it would provide enough light for Leo to negotiate the house. It can even light the stairs going to where his crate is positioned. However, the foyer light, like the kitchen, shares a wall switch with the lights outside on the front porch. One switch would have to remain ON (up) for the smart bulb to work, and the other switch would have to be manually adjusted as needed.

I would have to adjust my preferences again.

BUT, with this situation I had already adjusted because the other double wall switch in the kitchen has a motion detection light outside and must remain in the ON (up) position! And the other switch controls the light above the kitchen table, so it is most often OFF (down) and out of sync with its mate.

We eventually got another lamp in the living room and added a new smart bulb to it in order to create scenes. At this point the wall switch became obsolete and lonely. It was always DOWN (*snicker*).

To remedy this, I added the small tortoise floor lamp Sarah had gifted me to the living room, and put it on the wall switch! Just flip the switch ON (up) and there’s enough light in the room to safely navigate it without having to ask Siri to do it. Bonus is that the tortoise lamp will be employed, and look damn good doing in the space.


Since we started using smart bulbs I am less neurotic about wall switches.

Oh, and the webcam is still kicking ass, so the less I say, the better.