As it says in the domain, I am Rick Scully. Whether you have stumbled upon or sought this website, greetings.

That’s me in the slideshow. Handsome, ain’t I? Shaddup. Anyway, this website is my web playground. A place for me to share my photography, words, thoughts, ideas, and whatever piques my interest. If there is something here that piques yours, please drop me a line. Otherwise, try some random weird stuff.

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My Playground

Like I said, It’s my playground.  If I want to try out a new layout, I do so.  Often live and not on a staging site. It’s how I roll. Well, at least with my personal shit. This is where I play with my webcam, my code, my geeky and practical ideas.


Tunbridge, Vermont

My wife Sarah and I feel lucky to live in beautiful Tunbridge, Vermont, where we have owned a home since 2006. Our home is on the side of a small mountain, which the locals still call a hill. We did not build the house, but we have been doing significant improvements such as building a barn, a garage and MiL suite, adding solar panels, etc. We really love our home.


Why does anyone do anything?  Hell if I know.

However, if you want to say hello, use the form below. As long as you don’t try to sell me something, and are civil, I’m all ears.  Use the form or stalk me on the various social platforms below.

Seriously, no spam, or solicitations of any kind. Thanks!

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