the farm cam project

This 24-hour camera is in Tunbridge, Vermont and is centered on Killington mountain on the horizon. A new image is uploaded every 30 seconds. The image above it the most recent.

I appreciate the randomness of a single shot. What will it capture? Who will even see it? The image is available only briefly and then it is gone. I hope there was something there that was interesting for your encounter. If not, scroll down and maybe something else will.

Click the image for the popup viewer with a 30 second auto-refresh.

most recent...




daily timelapses

daylight only

Daylight hours only version exported at 10 frame per second.


Twenty-four hour version exported at 20 frames per second.

For original sized versions (640 x 360px) of each of these videos, head over to the timelapse page.

How it's all done


This HD outdoor camera is mounted to the house and faces southwest. I use an older Apple Airport Express and a POE adapter to connect it to my wireless network.


This application makes everything so easy.

The details on how the whole process works is available.


The iMac in my office at the house runs the software and is connected via wireless network to the Hikvision camera.


Automator used to do a very complex sequence of tasks on my behalf, but it is only employed for archiving the videos created each day for local storage and retrieval.