How the Icelandic Volcano Grímsvötn Helped Spur the French Revolution

Photo by Matt I saw this article on the web about these gorgeous lava fields that are covered with moss, and ended up learning about how the same volcano also caused a change weather across parts of Europe. The eruption of Gr√≠msv√∂tn between 1783 and 1784 was one of the most devastating eruptions in recorded …

Announcing “Goodies from The Lunchbox”

Recently I have been listening to the playlists that made up shows from The Lunchbox, and I thought it might be fun to repost those programs as music-only playlists and share them here. Each program will be set to automatically expire after 1 week, so listen while you can.

The first installment is from about this same time of year in 2014. The songs that make up this playlist are in order from an edition of The Lunchbox which originally aired on 9 May, 2014 on WVRP-LP.
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Same Awesome View, New and Improved Camera, Features, and Process!

Ok, now that I got your attention.

I had planned to debut the new webcam on New Year’s Day, but I didn’t so much get bogged down with the adding of the new camera to the mix as¬†much as with the details of the look of the website and¬†the automation process. ¬†I wanted to get it as close to right as I could, and each time I would start to write something about some part of the process I would come up with a way to improve it. ¬†For the past week or so, I have been playing with the look of the site, checking¬†that the Automator process is functioning as it should, and making sure the place is nice and tidy for any new visitors.¬†It certainly isn’t perfect. ¬†Like everything else on this site it is “always a work in progress.”

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Gig Gear

I keep my entire music library on a very large external hard drive, connected to my iMac in my home study. There is a second hard drive dedicated to backing up the first automatically. The iMac is the perfect spot for me to manage my program because I also have an external microphone available for creating radio spots. For transferring music from vinyl and Digital Audio Tape, I have a DAT player/recorder and a turntable connected directly to the iMac. For production and transferring I use a combination of GarageBand and Audacity, both of which are free and easy to use.

A majority of my iTunes library is a combination of the CDs I have collected over the years, my wife’s CDs from before we were married, and the collection she and I have purchased via iTunes over the years. Streaming may be the future, but with satellite Internet with severe data transfer limitations, CDs and iTunes downloads are still how I accumulate music.

When it comes to how I get music from the home library to the station, I use my second-hand iPad 2, with my iPhone 5s as my backup. I find it easier to manage playlists which sync between the iMac and the devices than to share libraries between computers.
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How to Post PDF Attachments via Email on a WordPress Website

(Or How I Stopped Worrying And Learned to Love the VT Open Meeting Law) Show the Backstory? Hide Backstory? Backstory A few months ago I was asked to attend my town’s Selectboard meeting. The members of the board had some questions for me about the Vermont Open Meeting Law that had passed in 2014. Specifically …