03 Feb

Noon All Year

Ten years ago I made a video titled One Year, which showed the founding of our farm; from the building of the barn, the digging of the well that provides water to the barn, the erecting of the fencing, and the arrival of the llamas and the sheep. However, that film was with the old analog camera pointing out a window, and — while I love it — entirely too long at over 16 minutes.

I have been looking for a similar project since.

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17 Sep

Always great to catch up with your neighbors at the Tunbridge Fair

Always great to catch up with your neighbors at the #tunbridgefair. Thanks for stopping by the sheep barn, Bernie! #tunbridge #tunbridgefair2017 <a href='https://www.rickscully.com/tag/vermont/' rel='tag'>#vermont</a> <a href='https://www.rickscully.com/tag/blog/' rel='tag'>#blog</a> #berniesanders | September 17, 2017 at 06:57PM
I was hanging out at the Fiber Nook outside the sheep barn, when I noticed our good Senator behind me. I instinctively grabbed my camera (aka, iPhone) and handed it to Sarah. Sarah didn’t see Bernie, and thought some commotion or trouble was happening, and that I was “springing to action” (her words).

I watched while Bernie spoke with a little girl and her parents, and posed with the girl and her cow. I extended my hand, and introduced myself. (We’ve met, but I didn’t want to put him on the spot.) I said I was a big supporter, he thanked me, and I asked if he minded if my wife took our picture together. He said “sure!,” and suggested she get in the picture as well. He pointing to a man he was with and suggested he take the shot. We thanked him and he went on his way. He never turned anyone away who wanted a word or a picture. I saw so many photos of Fair-goers and Bernie on Instagram and Facebook. What a guy. Thanks for stopping by the sheep barn, Bernie!

17 Sep

Annual Ferris wheel selfie with my beautiful wife, Sarah (2017)

Annual Ferris wheel selfie with my beautiful wife. #tunbridgefair2017  <a href='https://www.rickscully.com/tag/blog/' rel='tag'>#blog</a> <a href='https://www.rickscully.com/tag/vermont/' rel='tag'>#vermont</a> #datenight <a href='https://www.rickscully.com/tag/love/' rel='tag'>#love</a> #❤️ | September 17, 2017 at 06:01PM
As is our tradition, Sarah and I made the last day of the Fair our date night. We took a stroll, had lunch together, visited with friends and neighbors on Antique Hill, rode the Ferris wheel — smooched when it stopped, enjoyed maple creemees, and checked out all the cool entries in Floral Hall and Dodge Gilman. This is my favorite thing about the Fair… Sunday with my sweetheart.