10 Aug

Dealing with Existential Angst whilst Deep Cleaning

Shortly after returning from a long weekend get-away to Montreal with Sarah, I started thinking about the time off I had earned from work, and how to spend it. We had just returned from one trip, and didn’t have any immediate plans — or any funds in our travel budget. We’re discussing what to do for our sixteenth anniversary in October; and we usually end the year with chill around the various holidays, but that still left me with at least a week of time available.

The solution was to do something we had been discussing for a few years, but knew it would take hard work. What we didn’t budget for was the emotional exhaustion. Read More

22 Jan

Ticking Off the To-Dos

This weekend I was able to do a few tasks I always said I wanted to do, but never really could convince myself that I would find the time to do them. These projects involved cutting wires, fishing wires through walls and insulation, moving furniture, de-cluttering wires, and completely wiping my computer’s hard drive and doing a clean macOS install.

I’m impressed at least.

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11 Jul


I decided to register my name and squat on it until I have an idea on what to do with the site.  I have been online since 1993 or so, and had my own weblog since 1999.  Much of the things I have written over the years have been cast to the four winds.  I started writing Terrapin Gardens as a personal blog in 1999, then when I married Sarah Scully in 2002 it became our joint blog.  When we started sheep farming in 2008, we re-branded Terrapin Gardens as our farm and company name.  Meanwhile we were food blogging on food.thescullys.org.  In 2013 we closed Terrapin Gardens as a sheep farm and started to focus on crafts, whether they were fiber, food or beer, and so we started Gage Hill Crafts.  The site you are reading will likely become my personal spot to babble on either in public or private, and perhaps share a bit of the various interests I have that don’t fit in those other spaces.  Welcome to my world.